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Big billionaires and bank loans had an affair

In an age of wealth to measure success or failure, "how to get rich quickly" became the proposition faced by many people. Rich road there are many kinds, but tracing the Regal footmark, draw on their successful experience, seem to make people go some detours, more quickly reach destinations. Today, we might as well reveal Wang, Xu jiayin, Wang Wei's Nuggets history, see them there which spirit is worth our study.
review of "the three Musketeers" experiences, have to say, they were great adventurers stand how much risk, he can afford to enjoy the scenery, they not only have the ability to densely populated business plan, more rich insurance in order to drive.
though Mr Wang is now worth billions of dollars in rich, back in 1992, Wanda group was established at the beginning of his $ 20 million loan, but credit has all the energy and strength, 55 ran back and forth banks don't say, unable to sleep for 8 consecutive days, could no longer support until the meeting, suddenly collapsed.
at that time, encouraged by then Dalian Mayor Bo Xilai, Wang decided to undertake a Government-led but fails to complete the demolition and renovation project. Things which have imagined so well, just took over the project, coincides with the catch ban on real estate financing. Roundabout later traveled dozens of times, until the Government stepped in until this matter is resolved. However, looking back, was the stumbling, neither cold nor warm experiences laid the groundwork for Wang's career and after that career was in the ascendant.
in addition to Wang, daredevil's rich also exercise real estate Board Chairman Xu jiayin, worth tens of billions of his partner to describe "how much money people have to do much, Xu jiayin was 2 bucks is 20 bucks in business. "

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